Raise your glass…. raise morale

I once had the privilege of training a great team in a company. During the course that I ran, I mentioned that their employer had said that this group was top-notch.

One of them immediately responded with “Well, it would be nice to hear it directly from him.”

Sometimes telling people they’re great and that you are glad that they’re part of your team doesn’t come easily. The “Silly Season,” riddled with parties and office gatherings, is the perfect opportunity to raise your glass and make a short, but heartfelt toast to your team.

As a means of retaining your staff and surrounding yourself by people who actually want to be there, a few well-placed acknowledgements go a long way.

Don’t wait until you’re making these sincere comments at your team members’ farewell speeches. Take advantage of the festive spirit prevalent at this time of year and make your gift the gift of thanks to the people around you.

Some points to include in your toast might be:

  1. Praising the way difficulties were overcome
  2. The use of creativity and lateral thinking
  3. Any specific deadlines or top quality results achieved
  4. Your reliance on the team in terms of the big picture results
  5. Any compliments you’re aware of coming from higher up or different departments – or clients.

Think about what has been achieved during the year and take a few moments to put together some positive comments! As you raise your glass you’ll be raising morale.

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