"Dale delivered a knock-out session at the NSW National Speakers Association event last night - she took a large group of very experienced speaking professionals through exercises that would improve their delivery skills. As the person responsible for the success of the event, it is brilliant to have speakers like Dale on stage - engaging and adding value to the audience. I would highly recommend Dale to anyone who is looking for insight and instruction on better speaking techniques." - Phil Preston, Business Speaker

"Dale's memorisation techniques and training gave me a whole new level of confidence and ability to actually enjoy the experience of speaking to a group. I found myself walking taller and feeling generally awesome and confident - in all aspects of communication, including and beyond public speaking." - Angie Millin, Studio Manager

"I have found Dale to be very professional and always willing to go the extra mile to make her training sessions beneficial to all attending. I would highly recommend Dale for any of your public speaking training needs!" - Kristine Carlson, Stroke Foundation Australia

"I feel 100% more confident in my approach to preparing and delivering a public presentation... And even excited about doing so!! I know my results wouldn't have been otherwise possible because I didn't know how to suppress the physical nerves before - I also lacked the skills to delivering a powerful presentation! As a direct result of working with Dale I now know that I have what it takes to be a great speaker. This is extremely valuable to me because... I want to use my potential to perform." - Megan Barnes, Member Services, Royal College of Radiologists

"Dale brought professionalism and creativity to our presentation. We would definitely recommend her." - Rupert Marshall, Group Bid Manager, McNicholas plc

"Dale is a passionate, vibrant, engaging, highly-skilled communicator, teacher and facilitator who manages to nurture and bring out the best in others. She conducted presentation skills training with young members of our team who were required to present at a corporate event in front of over 500 people. With very limited time, she brought confidence, clarity and enthusiasm to their presentation." - Jane Pearson, Senior Marketing Advisor, Aurecon

"Dale is a warm, engaging and charismatic speaker. I would recommend her unreservedly - for both her speaking and facilitating skills!" - Helen Smith, Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

"It has been a pleasure to work with Dale. Her training and facilitation skills enable her to impart learning in a manner that is engaging and entertaining. Her understanding of how to negotiate, plan, obtain buy-in and most importantly deliver a complex program in Citigroup demonstrates her acute business skills, and her attention to detail in all that she does never ceases to amaze me!" - Danielle Mackowski, Training Specialist, Citigroup



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