The Speaking Formula program is designed to equip participants with the skills to deliver presentations with confidence. In the business arena, it is not enough to simply get the information across – presentations need to be done with impact, authority and credibility.

The Speaking Formula Breakfast Club is a favourite with companies looking to help professionals develop presentation and communication skills without taking any time out of their working day. The program is run over 8 weeks; 90 mins each session during breakfast or lunch. Participants develop a range of speaking and leadership skills, invaluable in their work with colleagues and clients alike.


The Speaking Formula breakfast club goes beyond presentation skills. It is about understanding what makes you a master communicator and influencer in ALL speaking situations.

  • Chair a meeting and influence outcomes
  • Build credibility and create a positive meeting climate
  • Structure a presentation and explain concepts with confidence and clarity
  • StorySelling – understanding the power of story and metaphor
  • Pitch persuasively, with powerful delivery techniques
  • Use Power Point in an engaging way
  • Expect the unexpected: cope with questions, being put on the spot
  • Articulate ideas, listening, analysing and structuring meaningful feedback
  • Obtain buy in through effective word choices


The Speaking Formula has proven so effective because participants:

  • Have a week between sessions to practise the techniques
  • Are given multiple opportunities to practise in sessions
  • Receive instant feedback and coaching
  • Learn through both watching and performing
  • See each other develop and improve over a short period of time
  • Are given clear, practical strategies to use, and build on each week
  • Use speaking as a leadership tool, a negotiation tool and a means of building relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Foster teamwork and build relationships between colleagues
  • Are 100% present because the short sessions don’t interfere with working day


Participants will receive:

  • a personalised report on their speaking style
  • a workbook
  • a copy of ‘The Speaking Formula’ book by Dale Rees-Bevan


“You can always tell at the team meetings who’s done Dale’s course” – Norman Disney Young, Engineer

“This course really brought our team together” – Team Leader, Boone & Willard


To learn more or book your “The Speaking Formula Retreat” please call 0431 292 437 or email

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