The Speaking Formula is a two-day retreat for individuals looking to take their speaking skills to a level where they can make a difference in their personal and professional lives.

The Speaking Formula program focuses on using speaking skills in the workplace to articulate your value to your colleagues. It is also about using speaking as a leadership tool and increasing your capacity to influence others.


The Speaking Formula program is so much more than just presentation skills. It is about understanding what makes you a master communicator and influencer in ALL speaking situations.

  • Chair a meeting and influence outcomes
  • Build credibility and create a positive meeting climate
  • Structure a presentation and explain concepts with confidence and clarity
  • StorySelling – understanding the power of story and metaphor
  • Pitch persuasively, with powerful delivery techniques
  • Use Power Point in an engaging way – interacting with slides
  • Expect the unexpected: cope with questions, being put on the spot
  • Articulate ideas, listening, analysing and structuring meaningful feedback
  • Obtain buy in through effective word choices


Here’s why the Speaking Formula has proven so effective:

  • Two and a half day intensive program
  • Allows participants to immerse themselves in the experience of learning
  • Multiple opportunities to practise new skills
  • Learn through both watching and performing
  • See each other developing and improving over a short period of time
  • Get immediate feedback and coaching
  • Given clear, practical strategies to use
  • Discover how to use speaking as a leadership and negotiation tool, as well as a means of building relationships with clients and colleagues
  • A safe place to deal with nervousness and explore coping strategies


Participants will receive:

  • a personalised report on their speaking style
  • a workbook
  • a copy of ‘The Speaking Formula’ book by Dale Rees-Bevan


"I was terrified at the idea of presenting but now I feel I have all the tools to make an interesting and impactful presentation and I'm really excited about doing it."  - Lisa Reeves, HR Consultant.

"The Speaking Formula was a fantastic three days! I've been to other courses and this one has actually made me feel excited about mastering the skill. I feel I know how to confidently deliver presentations that are engaging and impactful thanks to Dale." – Oanh Do

"The Speaking Formula" presented a well-structured and winning solution which I will use going forward to present to from small to large groups.  I … have grown as a speaker, introducer and cheerleader for other speakers.  I highly recommend this as a training course to develop professional speaking skills." – Anne Conlon, Senior Manager Business Systems, Penguin Random House Australia.


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