The Win and Wow presentation skills program is a one-day or two-day program designed to equip participants with the skills to connect with their audience and deliver presentations with confidence and impact.

Participants are shown step by step how to structure their presentation to engage, connect and win over their audience in order to deliver their message effectively.


  • Confidence-building strategies and techniques for confident delivery
  • Structuring ideas: step by step template for organising ideas
  • Expect the Unexpected: Fielding questions, off the cuff situations
  • PowerPoint - How to enhance, not eclipse your presentation
  • Content strategies to win your clients and colleagues over
  • Presentation planning from your audience's perspective
  • Using your voice, body and movement for an engaging delivery
  • Key ingredients for persuasion and influence
  • "StorySelling" - Using stories to sell your message


The Win and Wow presentation skills program owes its success to the following points:

  • Participants are given clear strategies to handle nervousness and stage fright
  • Participants can see the logical progression of skills as they work through the “assembling” of their presentation
  • There is a strong practical focus which enables participants to internalise the learning
  • Feedback and coaching are an integral part of the learning process, allowing participants to see immediate improvement in themselves and others
  • Participants are shown their existing strengths, not just given areas for development. This contributes to their growth in confidence and gives them strengths to keep building on, allowing their personal style to come through.
  • Every learning point is explained, demonstrated and practised, so participants learn through all modalities.


Participants will receive:

  • Workbook and handouts (templates, information, notes)
  • A copy of “The Speaking Formula” book by Dale Rees-Bevan


“Thanks to Dale’s advice…I was able to deliver a clear, concise speech that was frank and fearless, yet not confronting to the audience…due to the change in my confidence and style: I was listened to!  - Maria Biglands, Pudman Training Group

"One of the most interesting results was the camaraderie between the different personalities and departments; a real team-building exercise!" - Scott Hoddinott, LJ Hooker Estate Agents

"My staff thanked me for the opportunity to attend your workshop and felt that they had benefited enormously from the experience." - John Owen, General Manager, Willoughby City Council


To learn more or book your “The Speaking Formula Retreat” please call 0431 292 437 or email

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